Coverage in the New Hamburg Independant

October 23, 2014

We are thrilled this week to see an article covering our big expansion in the New Hamburg Neighbours section of the New Hamburg Independant local newspaper, alongside The Pestell Group and Oak Grove Cheese.

Quoted from the article:

Another business seeing major growth is Demtool in Petersburg, where a $1 million, 14000 square foot building expansion is underway. The business, owned by brothers Jim and Derrick Demerling, is a machine, fabrication and laser shop that makes specialized metal components for industrial use.

After 10 years in business, Demtool has 14 total employees and needs more space. The company has tried to cope by renting a smaller workshop down the road in Petersburg for the past few years. But that's been a hassle to deliver materials back and forth and have workers in two different locations, Jim said.

"It's been constant growth. Now we're more or less at capacity," Derrick said. "When we're busy, you can barely walk through the shop here."

New employees barely have room to set down their toolboxes, he added.

The Demerlings' new building is already underway, and will triple the company's existing size. The extra room will allow Demtool to add new state-of-the-art equipment, and the owners say that will lead to new customers and larger production volumes. Ot also means room to hire more employees.

Instead of growing bit by bit, the company is going for an ambitious expansion that should leave room to grow for many years.

It's exciting - and a little nerve wracking - to make such a big leap forward, Jim said, but he sees room in the industry for the Petersburg company to get even bigger.

Demtool's $1 million construcion should be finished by January or February, with another $2 million of new equipment arriving soon after.

article by Scott Cressman and Doug Coxson, Independant staff reprinted from New Hamburg Neighbours, Wednesday October 22, 2014