New machinery for 2015

December 22, 2014

Construction is progressing well and our new equipment will be here soon, scheduled to arrive when our expansion completes in March 2015.

Moving in to our upgraded facility will be a new BySprint Fiber 3015 6 kW fiber laser and an Xcite electric press brake, both made by ByStronic in Switzerland.

Advantages of fiber lasers:

  • Light is already coupled into a flexible fiber: The fact that the light is already in a fiber allows it to be easily delivered to a movable focusing element. This is important for laser cutting, welding, and folding of metals and polymers.
  • High output power: Fiber lasers can have active regions several kilometers long, and so can provide very high optical gain. They can support kilowatt levels of continuous output power because of the fiber's high surface area to volume ratio, which allows efficient cooling.
  • High optical quality: The fiber's waveguiding properties reduce or eliminate thermal distortion of the optical path, typically producing a diffraction-limited, high-quality optical beam.
  • Compact size: Fiber lasers are compact compared to rod or gas lasers of comparable power, because the fiber can be bent and coiled to save space.
  • High peak power and nanosecond pulses enable effective marking and engraving.
  • The additional power and better beam quality provide cleaner cut edges and faster cutting speeds.
  • High vibrational stability, extended lifetime, maintenance free operation.

To compliment the new BySprint Pro fibre laser, we are also aquiring an Xcite electric press brake. This mechanical press has advantages in speed an accuracy over our existing hydraulic brakes.

On the Xcite, the special layout of the machine frame developed by Bystronic – in conjunction with the electric drive system – ensures precision. This drive system is called Force Dynamic Drive, and it ensures that virtually no deflections occur in either the upper or lower beam.

Xcite's motor only runs while bending. So it is more energy efficient and quiet than other press brakes.


Xcite also features a 22" touch screen runnning ByVision software user interface. This intelligent system is easy to learn. And can even warn the operator if they've entered an incorrect bend program.

BySoft 7 screen shot

Bystronic gallery

Bysoft 7 nesting software

BySoft 7 screen shot

BySprint Fiber 3015

Bystronic Xcite

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Equipment images courtesy of Bystronic Laser AG.