New machinery for 2015

Published Sunday, 21 December 2014

Coming soon to Demtool will be a Bystronic BySprint 3015 6 kW fiber laser and a Bystronic Xcite electric press brake! Both are slated for arrival in the early spring.

Construction is progressing well and our new equipment will be here soon, scheduled to arrive when our expansion completes in March 2015.

Moving in to our upgraded facility will be a new BySprint Fiber 3015 6 kW fiber laser and an Xcite electric press brake, both made by Bystronic in Switzerland.

To compliment the new BySprint fibre laser, we are also aquiring an Xcite electric press brake. This mechanical press has advantages in speed an accuracy over our existing hydraulic brakes.

On the Xcite, the special layout of the machine frame developed by Bystronic – in conjunction with the electric drive system – ensures precision. This drive system is called Force Dynamic Drive, and it ensures that virtually no deflections occur in either the upper or lower beam.

Xcite's motor only runs while bending. So it is more energy efficient and quiet than other press brakes.


Xcite also features a 22" touch screen runnning ByVision software user interface. This intelligent system is easy to learn. And can even warn the operator if they've entered an incorrect bend program.

BySoft 7 nesting software

BySprint Fiber 3015

Bystronic Xcite

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