Summer Production Updates

Published Monday, 15 June 2015

This summer 2015 Demtool is busy producing all types of parts and fabrications for customers around southwestern Ontario.

Our upgraded facility and machines are busy running daily to meet customer needs.

Bystronic BySprint

Perhaps the most exciting new equipment in our expansion is the new laser cutting table. It's a state of the art Bystronic BySprint 3015 6kW Fiber built in Switzerland. We've been cutting with it for a few months now, dialing in parameters, and are so far very pleased with the results.

The BySprint fiber laser is quicker and more capable than it's older CO2 ByStar brother, which has served us well for nearly 6 years and continues to prove useful. Our material cutting capability on the BySprint is now 3/4" thick for high quality cutting of mild steel. For more information on the benefits of fiber laser cutting versus C02, see our previous news post.

We are still running our Bystronic Bystar laser for urgent jobs. While the new BySprint is cutting longer production runs, the ByStar will be available to meet the smaller needs. We are currently moving the ByStar from our satillite shop up the street to the expanded main shop so our entire operation is under the new roof.

Nitrogen Generators

Multi-bank Parker Maxigas nitrogen generators allow us to produce our own cutting gasses on site. These units are compact, high-pressure and on demand. This means no more need for cylinder deliveries, downtime waiting for gas, or the safety hazards associated with traditional gas supplies. Our nitrogen generators are installed and serviced by Applied Pneumatics in Dundas, Ontario.

Sheet Metal Material Racks

This custom sheet metal racking has been designed and built by us in house to satisfy our need for accessible and organized material handling. One of the biggest challeneges at a shop like ours which produces different parts every day, is the loading and unloading of various material sheets. Much effort has been built into these racks to ensure safety and ease of use. With these we are able to keep stock on hand for most of the materials and thicknesses that are in constant demand by our customers.

Overhead Bridge Crane

To round out our new facility is a 10 ton capacity overhead bridge crane from Engineered Lifting Systems (Mentor Dynamics) in Elmira, Ontario. This crane can cover the whole area of our new building space. Wireless remote control and quiet operation makes it easy and convenient to use.

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