Fladder AUT

Sanding finishing machine

The Fladder AUT is the perfect deburring solution for small parts processing.

  • Even and consistent deburring and edge-rounding (true radius) in all directions regardless of part contours or geometry
  • 100% uniform and 100% consistent finish pattern.
  • Guaranteed same results throughout the lifetime of the Fladder Abrasive Brushes.
  • Minimum dust production, allowing the machines to work with low CFM dust collectors.
  • Simple cleaning of machines.
  • Can process work-pieces 1″ x 1″ and up.
  • Can process different gauges at the same time (up to ¼″ difference in thickness).
  • Can process different materials at the same time.
  • Can process pre-finished parts without removing the coatings
  • No heat distortion.

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