Our skilled tradesman utilizing state of the art equipment are prepared to take on all of your machining needs

Machining Services

Demtool offers the highest quality milling and turning services in the region. Our skilled machinists operate the latest in CNC mills and lathes to ensure your parts match their engineered specifications.

Using our state of the art equipment, we provide custom part machining. We also offer production runs for various industries that demand accuracy, consistent results, tight tolerances, and complex shapes. Whether it is small margins of error, or if it is needed in a hurry, we are your highest quality provider for production machining services.

Manual Machining

Our machinists provide unmatched expertise for a wide range of operations when manual control is ideal. Our manual machining processes can cost less, provide quicker responses, and require no delays to meet the needs of our customers.

CNC Milling

Our industry leading Milling equipment paired with our highly skilled licensed machinists will tackle your complex multi setup components.

Utilizing high quality tooling and latest Mastercam software we produce the most efficient 2d and 3d toolpaths. This results in reduced cycle times and improved part quality.


CNC Turning

Demtool produces precision turned components using CNC lathes equipped with live multi-axis and bar feeding capabilities. Turning and milling can be done in one machine reducing setups resulting in cost effective production turning.

Our Custom Machining Work

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